Acumatica ERP – Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management

Customer Management Suite Customer Management Suite
The Customer Management Suite provides a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) application for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and business accounts.

Integrated financials and content management foster a team approach and deliver a single consolidated view of all customer contacts. Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to accurately manage forecasts, quotas, and results.

The Customer Management Suite provides a solution to efficiently work and communicate with customers with the introduction of the Acumatica Customer Portal. New tools specifically designed for customers to see all the relevant information about their interaction and perform relevant activities online.

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Mobile and Remote Working
Acumatica works with any popular web-browser so sales teams can work from the office, from home, or while traveling. It also works on your phone or tablet.

Account and Contact Management
Leads can be converted into business accounts which are linked to contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, and documents to provide a 360 degree view of the account. Sales teams can be instantly aware of any recorded activity which will impact their account.

Lead Management
Acumatica aggregates leads gathered from your website, purchased from lists, acquired at trade shows, and entered manually. Leads can be automatically assigned and routed based on customised questions and criteria that you set. Security controls ensure that leads are only visible to authorised users.

Opportunity Management
Opportunities provide a central place where team members can collaborate to describe deals, assign tasks, and record activities. Each opportunity is linked to items in your product catalog so when deals close, your finance team can quickly issue an invoice.

Partner Management
Acumatica allows you to assign leads to internal and external users. Detailed access controls allow your partners to manage accounts so your reporting provides a consolidated view of all your sales channels.

Approvals and Workflow
Manage permissions for each screen object and customise approvals to match your sales processes. Restrict rights to specific customer accounts to limit exposure of key sales activities.

Email Templates
Utilise email templates to send prospects and customers professional looking emails that are consistent with branding guidelines. Responses to email send from Acumatica are automatically tracked.

Dashboards and Favorites
Administrators can create announcements and default dashboards which can be customised by each salesperson to match their individual needs. Dashboards and favorites link salespeople to real-time information delivered in tabular or graphical form.

Integrated financials
Acumatica sales automation is pre-integrated with Acumatica financials to provide a single source of data and truth without integration and manual data processing. Sales forecasts, revenue reports, collections, and commissions utilise the same numbers to save your organisation hours of effort frequently spent reconciling data.

Integrated Document Management
Acumatica sales automation allows employees to attach any digital document to leads, opportunities, and business accounts to reduce the time spent looking for data. Your sales and finance teams will no longer have to wonder which version of the contract a customer signed.

Acumatica delivers an integrated marketing solution which is integrated with financials and content management to improve collaboration between sales, marketing, and support while ensuring maximum ROI for each marketing dollar spent.

Email Marketing
Acumatica allows marketing teams to create email templates to ensure that newsletters, email campaigns, and direct communication from salespeople have consistent branding and messaging. Acumatica allows marketing teams to send monthly newsletters, promotions, and other communication to specific lists. All email activities are recorded and linked to the customer record.

Online Marketing
Rapidly create customised landing pages which capture leads originating from your website, a Google advertisement, a direct mail piece, or other source.

Segmentation Tools
Define custom attributes that are important to your business. Collect different information for different lead types so you can effectively target more than one market.

Campaign Management
Track costs and revenues associated with campaigns created by selecting specific lists or criteria from your list of prospects, leads, contacts, and customers.

Partnership Marketing
Assign leads to a “parent account” that could represent an organisation within your company or an external partner. Email leads to a partner or allow partners to view information inside Acumatica.

Case Management
Support personnel can create cases that can be viewed by all stakeholders. Each case can be linked to tasks, events, and activities. You can establish case severities, escalation paths, and priorities which dictate workflow and send reminders to the responsible parties.

Contract Management
Acumatica service and support automation is linked to customer contracts so service agents can quickly determine the level of service to provide. Financially driven service plans are linked to cases to ensure that entitlements are granted and paid support is properly billed. Service rates can be contracted per incident, per hour, or prepaid.

Team Troubleshooting
Escalate cases/tickets without having to email documents and case history. Assign cases to a workgroup so multiple team members can collaborate on a solution.

Email Management
Save time by sending standard emails to address common problems. Email delivered to clients using standard templates will contain current and consistent messaging.


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