Reporting for Strategic Results

The job of an ERP system is to control information and the flow of information across your organisation.  This brings improved productivity and streamlined business processes, and reduces manual work and mistakes.

With an ERP in place, you can now utilise your information to achieve results aligned with your business plan, strategy and goals.

Acumatica provides several in-built tools that allow you to flexibly work with your information, to generate reports and analysis data as you need.

Arcus also have identified some complementary solutions that leverage ERP information to achieve additional strategic results.  For BI reporting we partner with Microsoft and set up Microsoft Power BI for you, for stock level optimisation your data can link into Netstock, and financial planning and budgeting we work with Adaptive Insights.

Step 1 is getting your end-to-end business process and information controlled by the ERP.  With this accomplished, customers can then further leverage the information from ERP with strategic analysis by using either in-built reporting tools, or specialised solutions from our partners.Colin MacMillan - MD - Arcus Universe Limited

Powerful Built-In Reports & Query Tools

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