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ERP Implementation Services

First contact to Go-Live

Phase 1 of an ERP implementation ranges from our first meetings and demo to your Go-Live moment.

Arcus provide the full range of implementation services to take you live on your new ERP system. These include, scoping, data migration, project management, training and more.

Using our Agile method, the implementation is carefully tracked and managed to increase accuracy and ensure a smooth lift off.

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The Multiyear Horizon

In the ERP world, Go Live is often incorrectly treated as the end of your vendor’s commitment. With Arcus, Go Live is just the beginning of the ERP lifecycle and just the beginning of the value we provide.

Over a multiyear horizon the ERP’s alignment with your business plan is critical to maximising the potential of this powerful tool. As you change with the business climate so should your ERP.

The Arcus commitment, over the multiyear horizon, is to ensure the ERP system helps your business accelerate. When fully utilised the ERP will help your team improve control and visibility of all company information, decrease error rates and mistakes across all departments, ensure you do not fall behind your competition and help you retain your valued customers.

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