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A barrier that has existed with ERP software for many years is simply getting the opportunity to use and learn a system. Normally, a person only get access to an ERP system when working at a company who uses one.  Or being part of a project to  implement a system for they company you work for.  Even in the modern day where online demos and trial version are available, when talking about ERP , a 30 day trial is not very helpful.  ERP systems being complex pieces of software, only someone who already has a strong background can pick up a new system without proper training.

This is all changing.

The introduction of Acumatica’s Open University program enables anyone who is interested to learn a lot more about ERP software to do so, better than ever before.

Arcus are embracing this moment and have designed classroom based courses for students, professionals and enthusiast to learn skills that will be valuable for your entire career. Sprucing up your CV? What better than to have experience with ERP software, a skill almost every employer is looking for.

The principles of ERP are largely the same regardless of the actual product.  Workflows, traceability, functions for different departments, are all similar between software.  But what better platform to learn then the latest most modern ERP system?

Arcus ERP courses also provide excellent way to evaluate ERP if you are considering a project for your business. Customers are always looking for ways to de-risk an implementation and reduce implementation costs.  So with internal staff certified on an ERP, you can get your hands dirty yourselves and take control of the project, if this is the option you prefer.

Acumatica ERP Certification

Each course is one week of on-site training in a location close to our London office. You will complete the course and end up fully certified with an Acumatica Badge (Passing exam grade required). You will also be able to continue your training online free of charge and complete as many course as you like self study, or return for more classroom based training.


New to ERP?

In addition to Acumatica specific certification, we also run a set of academic style courses reviewing the main principles of ERP software and their function within a business.

ERP Courses

  • ERP Overview – 2 days – for students, recent graduates, business studies graduates, accountants, people transiting from one career to another
    • ERP Principles
    • ERP in Manufacturing
    • ERP the Supply Chain
  • ERP Selection – 1 day course – to help people get their head around how to go about selecting an ERP system for their company.  What is the process?  What should you look out for?  How to measure the results, how to select the right partner?

Both courses provided with a set of helpful documentation and toolkit resources.

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