First Contact to Go-Live

Implementation Plan

ERP implementations, from the first meeting to going live, can take from 6-10 months depending on the scale of the project. The process is complex and a range of specialised services are required for a successful implementation.

At Arcus we believe the success of an implementation is based on the foundation of a full project scoping, including:

  • Needs Assessment and ERP GAP Analysis
  • Business Process Definition User and Role Workflows
  • Transaction Case Examples
  • Detailed Project Implementation Plan

Once the scope is fully articulated and confirmed, Arcus use a test environment and an Agile method to execute the range of implementation tasks in parallel rather than sequentially.

This process ensures the testing, verification and confirmation of: data migration, configurations, customisations, workflows, integrations, reports, dashboards and any other facet of the implementation.

In addition the test environment provides you with early access to the ERP for training and familiarisation.

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Services Plan

Information – Demos, Analysis, Research, Proposals
ERP Scoping – Needs Assessment and ERP GAP Analysis, Business Process Definition User and Role Workflows, Transaction Case Examples, Detailed Project Implementation Plan
Test Environment – Develop test environment for data migration verification, configuration verification, customisation verification, stage 1 departmental training
Data Migration – Migrate customers, suppliers, products, and business history from legacy systems into the ERP
Configuration – Detailed configuration of all facets of your ERP system to include the Chart of Accounts, Order processing, workflows etc.
Customisation – Development, coding, testing and verification of specific customisations and system integrations outlined in scoping
Training – System Training, Documentation, Lessons and Exercises
Reporting – Multi-level and customised reports, dashboards, KPI’s

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