System Alignment

With all the focus usually put on ‘Going Live’ an important discussion is often overlooked, what about the next 5-7 years? An ERP system is a powerful piece of technology, it’s expensive and it needs to be an impactful tool for a long time.

As you drive your business into new markets, proceed with acquisitions, change delivery models or suppliers your ERP system needs to stay aligned with your business plan. Your system must keep pace with your business model.

At Arcus we ensure your system and your business remain synchronised by meeting with you quarterly over the lifespan of your system. Together we will chart a technology strategy that will match your business moves. Functionality, scale, reporting, integrations, deployment can all be adjusted, changed or enhanced.

The usual ERP ‘support’ paradigm has you, the client, contacting your vendor when something doesn’t work. With Arcus we will be calling you, as part of Service Excellence philosophy, to keep up to date with your progress and ensure a strong relationship exists when its time to look at new requirements for your ERP system.

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Sleep Well

Business owners, CEO’s and CFO’s sleep when their money is safe AND when their data is also safe.

Your multiyear horizon must include a system maintenance plan, a fully redundancy back up of your data and a full compliment of services to respond to your needs over 5+ years.

At Arcus, the same configuration, customisation, reporting writing and integration services used during the implementation are available to you throughout the lifecycle of your ERP system.

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