Acumatica Advanced Manufacturing provides a complete manufacturing automation solution integrating your shop floor with sales, accounting, ordering, and stock. Manufacturing integrates with the Acumatica Financial Suite, Distribution Management Suite and to deliver a powerful and complete solution for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing provides real-time coordination of all your business activities from one central location. Your employees, partners, and customers can create dashboards that deliver real-time information to speed decision making and improve business processes.

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The Bill of Material/Routing module creates production specifications and is the framework for the planning functionality throughout the system. A multi-level Bill of Material/Routing presents both engineering and financial views of the product structure, efficiently plans and manages your stock, costs, and manufacturing processes as well as full revision control.
From components to finished goods, the Production Management module gives your organisation the ability to control the entire production process and minimise job costs. Capture the total cost of manufacturing including material, labor, overhead, and outside processes. Create production orders
from previous revisions and alternate Bills of Material.
The art of balancing supply and demand is critical to any manufacturing organisation. The MRP module is a powerful planning tool that enables your organisation to satisfy customer requirements while maintaining optimal inventory levels.
Manage and monitor your shop floor schedule and work center capacity, both finite and infinite. What-if planning capability, ability to promise, as well as scheduling employee and/or machine resources.
Manufacture to a project and track all associated costs at the project level and compare actual costs to a user-established project budget. Production orders can be tied directly as a task to a project or produced to stock.
Rules based system with non-hierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluation. Configurations can be created on quotes, sales orders, and/or production orders with real-time price and cost rollup while the item is being configured.
Automates, controls, and organises all change requests, plans, and actual changes to a Bill of Material. Full control from Engineering Change Request to Engineering Change Order to Engineering Change Notice with approvals throughout each step in the process.

Provides support for document control, complaints and non-conformance (CAPA & NCR) management, inspection and SPC, and audit management.

Create estimates for new or existing items and display the cost of the estimate. Can be converted into bills of material, production orders, and/or another estimate.

Bill of Material/RoutingPDF

  • Integrated BOM/Routing
  • Revision Control
  • Reference Designators
  • Multi-level BOM Routing
  • Multiple Costing Methods and Capabilities

Production ManagementPDF

  • Production Order Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Labour Tracking
  • Production Order Changes
  • Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Production Performance

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)PDF

  • MRP Tickler
  • MRP Exception Messages
  • Full Regeneration
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Forecasting