At Arcus our single focus is on delivering the latest Modern ERP software solutions to our clients. Through several decades of experience in the ERP industry we couple our strong service delivery with the best solution available in the world today – the Acumatica ERP platform.

Acumatica is a powerful cloud-based ERP product that is very well suited to the UK SME market. At Arcus we are confident you will quickly rank Acumatica above the vendor lock-in dreaded by many NetSuite customers and that you will see robust functionality that dwarfs other offerings. Jon Roskill, former senior executive with Microsoft, heads up Acumatica as CEO.

Arcus defines an ERP implementation in two phases. The first phase spans from our initial meetings to the day you Go Live and the second, from the Go Live day through the multi-year horizon. With our strong track record of ERP implementations, Arcus provides you with service excellence during each step of the process to build confidence and knowledge, and add long-term value to your business.

Cloud solutions have long been part of our proposition. Through sister company Publicus Solutions Ltd. we handle cloud infrastructure, and daily IT and ICT requirements, which further strengthens the ability to service our client’s needs.

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Colin MacMillan

Managing Director


At Arcus our mission is to be a leading player in the technological advancement of UK SME’s through the implementation and support of leading edge Modern ERP solutions. Through new cloud based technology and improved information control Arcus clients will build better businesses and accelerate into 2020 and beyond.

Arcus accomplish this mission by:

1. Exemplifying the service excellence we strive to achieve

2. Being experts in delivering the services required for successful ERP implementations

3. Being fanatical in supporting our clients through their ERP lifecycle

4. Delivering Modern ERP technology tools that are aligned with our client’s needs – therefore driving our client’s growth and development