Acumatica 2021 R1 New Release

Acumatica 2021 R1 New Release

The recent Acumatica release 2021 R1 announced in March has focused on three key elements for ERP success; – time-saving, best-in-class functionality and flexibility. These elements are very important for business continuity in these times of uncertainty and Acumatica customers now have an even better set of tools to gain a competitive advantage whilst ensuring growth in faster time frames. Here is a brief look at the major enhancements of Acumatica 2021 R1.

Save Time with Superior Usability

ERP usability is a key focus for Acumatica – from user-friendly interfaces to customisable elements and mobile functionality and accessibility from any device and from any place in the world. Acumatica’s usability is not only well-known facet by its customers but also recognised by top ERP analysts, such as Nucleus Research and G2.

In 2021 R1, the advanced features of mobile image recognition have been improved even further. The General Inquiry results now allow access to external URLs and, with improvements to side panels, users are seeing an enhanced method of presenting related data such as customer statistics in an even more meaningful way.

Usability Feature updates: (Usability Video)

  • Customers now can create CRM contacts automatically, by scanning business cards and applying mobile image recognition
  • Side panels have been enhanced with ordering functionality  improving visibility
  • Navigation to external URLs from Generic Inquiry (GI) results is now enabled

Competitive Advantage with Best-in-Class Functionality

Acumatica is designed for SMBs and helps achieve better results with industry-tailored functionality for eCommerce, Manufacturing, Distribution and more. In 2021 R1, all industry editions were improved with new features and better functionality. 

Financials and CRM Updates: (Financials Video) (CRM Video) (Payroll Video)

  • Centralised vendor management helps to simplify operations
  • Acumatica’s intelligent de-duplication technology helps to enhance the quality of CRM data
  • Tracking of contacts on sales orders helps to maximise potential sales and simplify support
  • Security by pay group by the branch is easier to manage, time to import into payroll batches is improved, and creation of hierarchies for workers’ compensation has been created

Distribution and eCommerce Updates: (Distribution Video) (Commerce Video)

  • Automatic creation of sales and purchase orders within  cross-company sales processes has been  systemised
  • Improved drop-ship workflows help to maximise product offerings to the target market
  • Reduction of collections with the help of commerce order risk data

Manufacturing Updates: (Manufacturing Video)

  • Arena integration helps to access product lifecycle management capabilities
  • APS capable-to-promise capabilities help to make precise delivery commitments

Acumatica focuses on mobility and unique features which help businesses grow. Intuitive user interfaces, outstanding security, and the use of artificial intelligence help to grant unlimited scalability.

Well-known ERP analyst Nucleus Research placed Acumatica as a leader in the ERP Technology Value Matrix 2020. Acumatica was also named a leader in the G2 Mid-Market Grid® Report.

If you would like to know more details about how Acumatica can help to grow your business or find out what other new features were added to the recent R1 2021 release, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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