Acumatica Summit 2021 Keynotes – Day 1

The first Acumatica live summit after the pandemics started yesterday in Las Vegas,  NV. It’s an event that brings together Acumatica customers, partners and industry analysts. 

On Day 1 Acumatica Chief Executive Officer, Jon Roskill, has opened Summit 2021. He mentioned many interesting things from business highlights and news announcements to the future direction of the company.

‘We are a resilient group of people. With Acumatica we were ready to go fully remote (phones, browsers, etc). Companies went remote overnight. Acumatica customers did very well last year’ 

Jon Roskill, Acumatica CEO

He also mentioned that Acumatica last year was acting according to its Bill of Rights, a set of rules on how companies behave from the point of view of ethics. 

Jon also mentioned that they faced a situation when companies needed 60 days more for payments due to pandemics, and this was very challenging, but the Bill of Rights helped to decide how to act. 

The question ‘How do we run things like the Acumatica cloud?’. With vendors running software on their servers, it is even more important to have trustworthy service. Acumatica has reached an average 99.996% uptime during last year, while the number of transactions through Acumatica cloud reached 4.8 billion. And the most important – Acumatica had 0 security and crypto-ransom incidents. 

‘Last year we all learned to expect the unexpected: from frozen lines, fires, floods, etc. Digital Resiliency has to be the primary focus.’ 

Jon Roskill, Acumatica CEO

Acumatica’s focus last year was on digital resilience and how to build more on it. The model of digital resiliency includes the following elements: Respond & Restore, Expand & Optimize, Accelerate & Innovate. 

Nowadays everybody speaks about digital transformation, but there is nothing more core to digital transformations than business systems. Acumatica has developed its own digital transformation roadmap:

Acumatica client Mozaic was named a client of the year. They are a non-profit company, providing residential, educational, preschool services to people with disabilities. They are also a manufacturer of winter hats for army, navy and other state services, thus a highly regulated company. 

`We are considered an essential business, because of taking care of people with disabilities and state. We thought how can we keep working during pandemics? We had to figure out how to reduce costs, how to look for other growth opportunities. We picked Acumatica for scalability since our mission is to serve non-profits, save them from bankruptcy. We look for partners which will help us, not hurt us. Acumatica is one of them’ 


Acumatica Industry Updates

Acumatica has also announced main industry specific updates. 

Distribution Edition

  • WMS: wave and batch picking
  • Seamless Cross Sell and Up Sell integration eCommerce sites. 
  • Inventory management: matrix items and item substitution. 

Manufacturing Edition

  • JAAS acquisition code merge into Acumatica ERP
  • Manufacturing Data Collection: the ability to scan transactions on the Shop Floor
  • Capable To Promise and Visual Scheduling (2021R2)

Construction Edition

  • CFMA membership & CFMA Benchmarker Tool
  • Simplified Project Billing and Project Management reconciliation
  • Increased Project Lifecycle flexibility 

Retail & Commerce Edition

  • Solving B2C Omnichannel challenges 
  • Native integration to Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Acumatica POS and Shopify POS pro

Acumatica & MS Teams Integration

Doug Johnson, VP of Product Management has demonstrated the integration with Acumatica and Microsoft Teams for seamless cooperation between co-workers, clients and suppliers. 

Acumatica Community

Acumatica is proud of the 350+ Value-Added Resellers (both Silver and Gold Certified), 240+ Independent Software Vendors with certified applications, where more and more ISVs are industry-specific. 

Acumatica and Adobe Integration Updates 

This integration allows more flexibility in document changes, keeps track of all edits that are made in the documents, control over versions of documents, and the possibility to add highlights with comments. 

Acumatica Positioning

Acumatica was named Fastest Growing ERP Company Globally by IDC Market Share.

G2 Customer Satisfaction has rated Acumatica very high. 

Acumatica has also achieved Climate Neutral Certification. The next step is to run the cloud fully on sustainable energy. 

And the most interesting for the UK market – now Acumatica has an office in London too. 

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