Acumatica Summit 2021 Keynotes – Day 2

At Summit Day 2, on July 20, 2021 Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP company, demonstrated its commitment to modernising customers’ business operations to an enthusiastic audience of more than 2,500 customers, partners, media, and analysts. We heard how companies are using Acumatica as a platform to modernise processes and ultimately become a fully digital business.

The 2021 R2 release was defined by 3 themes.

Seamless Personalisation. Acumatica takes ERP configuration and customisation a step further with personalisation. Personalisation is all about relevancy – what’s meaningful for a growing mid-market business. Acumatica Cloud ERP personalisation means adjusting agile and robust software to the customer’s needs, by industry, role, and business requirements, tailoring it for the customer to achieve an individualised fit. This is evident in most Acumatica’s recent releases.

Feature Benefits for Personalisation:

• Reduce time spent finding actions and reports through a consolidated toolbar.

• Accelerate the ability to act on data by providing a sorting option for dashboard tables.

• Automate complex business processes without programming and react to data changes by creating tasks from business events.

• Increase efficiency by triggering business events from the workflow engine.

• Save time and boost productivity by predefining and automating administrative tasks and triggering notifications when key activities occur.

Boost Growth with Best-in-Class Functionality. Financials is the heartbeat of every ERP system. Acumatica’s Financial Management software is designed for companies with complex requirements yet easy to use in smaller organisations and provides a feature-rich accounting suite, seamlessly integrated with the product suites. In addition, Acumatica’s embedded CRM provides system-wide visibility, ensuring that customer information is always up to date and accurate. Together, the unified ERP and CRM solution helps businesses efficiently manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts with intelligence throughout the sales cycle.

Drive Innovation with a Robust Ecosystem. Acumatica’s robust ecosystem of customers, partners, and developers from around the world is one of the biggest strengths and sources of innovation. The focus is on building quality products by gathering feedback from customers and partners as each industry has unique needs and distinct business processes. 

 In order to be a future-proof Cloud ERP, Acumatica takes advantage of the constantly changing technology.

Key Features of Acumatica 2021 R2

Acumatica previewed upcoming 2021 R2 product features including advances in personalisation, core business process functions, and industry editions. Acumatica delivered intelligent and industry-focused Editions for Distribution, Retail-Commerce, Construction, and Manufacturing.

Feature Benefits for Distribution and Commerce Companies:

• Boost sales and increase revenue with new up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.

• Improve fill rates and on-time order fulfillment with item substitutions.

• Increase warehouse efficiency with paperless, directed picking.

• Optimise stocking levels and locations using deadstock reports.

• Delight online customers and build brand loyalty with support for special instructions and gift-wrapping.

Feature Benefits for Construction and Field Service Companies:

• Save time and simplify project workflow via project drop shipments.

• Synchronise  AP bills and sub invoices seamlessly with Procore to enhance visibility and eliminate redundant work.

• Streamline billing and improve flexibility by configuring service contract billing for the start of each period.

• Reduce clicks to improve efficiency while adding inventory and tracking time on mobile device.

• Correct data entry errors using the new project reclassification feature.

Feature Benefits for Manufacturing Companies:

• Visualise production schedules in a timeline view to easily identify over and under-utilised resources, customer commitments, and material constraints.

• Enable traceability of raw materials and components to pre-assigned lot or serialised finished goods for improved quality control and traceability.

Feature Benefits for “Managed Availability” Capabilities:

• Enable global market expansion by sharing data, providing real-time reporting, and allowing transactions between companies with different base currencies.

• Work faster without context-switching with Acumatica for Microsoft Teams integration. 

Acumatica also presented such new features:

  • New meter tiles
  • More visual dashboards
  • New link tiles
  • Colour-coded buttons
  • Streamlined dropdowns resulting in fewer clicks
  • Updates to mobile and wearable technology functionality


Many of these new features are designed to increase efficiency and improve usability. The customisable items make Acumatica experience more visually pleasing and efficient.

The latest payroll features are focused on: 

  • Advanced functionality 
  • Improved performance 
  • Superior support 

The 2021 R2 release is also focused on strengthening the relationship between ERP and CRM:

  • Email analytic and reporting within the system.
  • Zoominfo integration auto-populates contact information using credible sources.
  • Microsoft integration allows for easy communication through Microsoft Teams within Acumatica.

All the announcements, presentations of 2021 R2 features, and demos at the Summit 2021, Day 2 highlighted how Acumatica’s innovative enhancements enable operational continuity and modernize business processes.

Yaroslava Dubenska
Yaroslava Dubenska