As the latest statistics are proving, businesses of all sizes are asserting Cloud as company policy for their ERP investment

As the latest statistics are proving, businesses of all sizes are asserting Cloud as company policy for their ERP investment

Associated with so many technical innovations in recent years, there is always a period of understanding, approval and acceptance. Whether it’s paying for products on line, streaming home entertainment or looking at bank applications on a Smartphone, any concerns quickly vanish when the benefits of usability, convenience and flexibility are brought into sharp focus.

Similarly, market figures are showing that this acceptance period has now run its course and the cloud is increasingly being mandated for ERP customers.

Although the financial debate is still ongoing about long term cost savings, the true benefits are found in operational flexibility. If a company can opt between different system resources for its applications then as it changes its markets, business model or geographic presence then its cloud function can adapt accordingly.

Aside from the financial picture there are endless possibilities for a business previously constrained by ‘on premise’ systems.

Business Agility and Scalability

For any organisation considering graduating to the Cloud, the main impetus will be driven by goals of improved agility and scalability, adapting to change in business operations and seeking competitive advantage. Cloud ERP is perfect for those seeking the flexibility of adding new office or warehouse locations, or quickly achieving new market presence overseas as the technical barriers to implementing new systems are dissolved, significantly cutting down the largest part of the implementation effort.

Increased Collaboration

Another driver for Cloud ERP is improved collaboration. With systems access being more finely configurable, the advantages become very clear when considering on-line, cross- geography partnerships with customers and suppliers. When decision making is reliant on input from multiple sources and locations, new product launches happen more quickly, suppliers respond faster to the latest demand and customers get a better service experience.

Visibility Across the Business

Shifting up to ERP on the Cloud should also be thought of in terms of what it can support in the future. In particular, the opportunity of real-time data will mean CFOs being able to report the company’s performance, anytime, anywhere. Cloud ERP will provide the platform from which to present latest figures from across the entire business and consolidate a full and accurate financial picture.

Is it right for your business ?

Every business is unique, has its own objectives and sits at a different stage in its life cycle. Companies that are young and expanding are unlikely to have an existing ERP system; therefore Cloud ERP is a perfect choice for them. However, the decision to change in much larger companies requires a lot more thought.

The right implementation partner will be able to help in the entire decision making process and assist in evaluating the business benefits to ensure the most effective and smooth transition possible.


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Colin MacMillan
Colin MacMillan
Modern ERP expert, certified Acumatica consultant