Celebrate, Discover, Imagine – Acumatica Summit 2023 Day 2 Keynote

Las Vegas, Jan. 31, 2023, Acumatica shared some of the enhanced features and capabilities that will be part of the upcoming 2023 R1 release of its cloud ERP solution and demonstrated how these updates will address the real-world needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Read the  Day 1 Keynote here. 

The product upgrades featured in the Day 2 keynote presentation at Acumatica Summit 2023 represent significant advancements in usability, intelligence and industry functionality designed to help companies grow in today’s challenging economic environment. 2023 R1 will be in beta on Feb. 2, with general availability planned for April.

“We rely on processes and channels to hear from and listen to our customers – to understand what they are looking for and how they would like Acumatica to respond to their needs,” said Ali Jani, Chief Product Officer at Acumatica. “We aggregate customer feedback to make informed and insightful decisions on identifying new capabilities in the product. This is what we mean by customer-driven innovation, and it’s the approach we took to develop our latest update, Acumatica 2023 R1”. 

Throughout this presentation, it is very clear that most of these improvements are designed from a customer need. Vice President of Product Management, Doug Johnson, was welcomed on stage to introduce the themes of the latest update as well as a few new features that all Acumatica users can take advantage of. 

The benefits of 2023 R1 include:

  • Working more efficiently
  • A more forgiving system
  • Easier to access data
  • Less clicks to complete an action

The Day 2 keynote presentation featured how 2023 R1 application-wide improvements and features will enrich the functionality of Acumatica’s Industry Editions for businesses in critical areas, such as manufacturing, construction, retail-commerce and distribution.

Debbie Baldwin, Director of Project Management – Manufacturing at Acumatica while presenting the Manufacturing edition spoke about new usability enhancements and added side panels to the production order screen and other manufacturing module screens. At the end of her speech, Debbie welcomed the SVP of International Purchasing at Fabuwood Cabinetry Corp. Joel Weinstein, who shared his success story with Acumatica.

Joel Hoffman, Director of Project Management – Construction at Acumatica spoke about the achievements in the construction edition and pointed out that 2022 was the best year for the construction module, with the most growth in users. He highlighted the things that have been done within 2023 R1 are report refresh and workflow improvements. Joel also mentioned that there were leveraged mobile enhancements within the mobile application which help to capture the units right in the field.

Debra Mignola, Director of Project Management – Distribution at Acumatica spoke about two new capabilities that help to dominate a distribution business. She mentioned that last year the wholesale distribution industry faced certain challenges in the supply chain and in inflation, and shared her experience working with two customers Dakota Red Corp. and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. She spoke about the new order type “mixed order”, new optional variants and new capabilities overall. Based on the experience with Jeffree Star Cosmetics Debra explained how Acumatica helped them to address the pain point around template items.

Josh Fisher Director of Project Management – Retail Commerce at Acumatica started his speech about omnichannel tactics that are going to be used by businesses of all types in the future.

He shared that many small businesses that target large retailers and have orders from multiple channels turn to Acumatica to ensure that their inventory levels are accurate across platforms.

And a lot of digital agencies who work with retailers are coming to Acumatica. Josh shared a success story with Opus and explained how Acumatica helped them with experimental retail. 

Josh spoke about the integration of Shopify POS, and the ability to suppress tax recalculation.

Ali Jani returned to the stage to close out the Day 2 Keynote. He reiterated the highlights of 2023 R1 and announced the beta will be ready for download Thursday, February 2nd but the full release will not be available until April. 

Acumatica 2023 R1 release includes the introduction of the experimental and controlled release features enabling customers to test new capabilities and provide feedback. Features such as special orders for distribution and field service, Microsoft Teams integration and enhanced SendGrid templates will be available for users who sign up. Also included, based on customer feedback, is a native payment integration capability – providing credit card and ACH processing with better reconciliation, mobile portal payments, click-to-pay and gift cards – all due to be released broadly later this year.


Yaroslava Dubenska
Yaroslava Dubenska