• Location: Northern Ireland, serving customers throughout the United Kingdom (UK)
  • Industry: Manufacturing of architectural mouldings for home construction/improvement


SAM switched to Acumatica, improving its financial management system, enhancing access to data and augmenting productivity.


  • Improved sales order processing and customer service
  • Simplified remote access and increased productivity
  • Financial savings from moving to the cloud, reducing hardware and maintenance costs

Leading UK manufacturer of architectural mouldings switches to Acumatica, reduces maintenance costs by 50%

“Acumatica has opened up so many more possibilities for the SAM business to innovate, save money, and build a world-class company for the future.”
Tim Patton, IT Director SAM Mouldings


SAM Mouldings is a leading manufacturer of MDF architectural mouldings for the construction and home improvement industries in the UK. Since 1990, SAM has operated as a family-owned business in Northern Ireland; it is now housed in a 10-acre custom-built manufacturing and
distribution facility.

SAM had been using EFACS from UK-based Exel Computer Systems, but found it increasingly expensive to maintain—and it wasn’t the cloud-based solution they really wanted. During their growth over the past two decades, the firm had developed their own transport booking and production systems to help them better manage their business. But because EFACS couldn’t easily integrate with these systems, this created challenges as the business grew.

Using a traditional client/server application, SAM found itself forced into compromises to fit the software. In addition, the firm’s implementation of off-site access meant using clumsy remote desktop software. SAM turned to Acumatica to resolve these issues, going live in February 2014.


Since SAM processes a large volume of sales orders each day, their new system had to ensure that Customer Service would be able to manage the orders quickly and easily. With Acumatica, SAM has streamlined its order processing system and also benefited from such Acumatica features as the
ability to add notes and attachments to orders, and email confirmations. Thanks to Acumatica’s integration with other systems, SAM’s sales order demand passes seamlessly to SAM’s dispatch system, enhancing a key component of their operation.

SAM also appreciates the ease of use of Acumatica through its simple navigation, and the improved speed of the new system. Employees now enjoy remote access from anywhere, on any device.

Moving the application to a private cloud platform in the UK freed up the company’s capital by removing the need for expensive servers and their maintenance requirements. Acumatica has reduced SAM’s maintenance costs to 50% of what they had been.

Although a large number of bespoke functions were removed with the introduction of Acumatica, a few key pieces of additional information were required. Due to the customisation features in Acumatica, SAM was able to add some fields to several forms quickly and causing no issues on upgrades, again saving valuable time and money.


The collaborative nature of Acumatica means that SAM has the information it needs at any time. If the company needs to put its data in other formats, such as Excel, the staff only has to push the button and the information is sorted for them.

Acumatica’s user security and roles allow SAM to set up users quickly and efficiently and tailor their requirements. The Wiki functionality also allows standard procedures and operating instructions to be available with the application, not on a separate server drive.
Since its implementation of Acumatica, SAM has continued to move forward using more Acumatica features. The home-grown “Quotes” system has been converted to an Acumatica function, another step to streamline operation and reduce maintenance costs.

As for its future with Acumatica, SAM continues to identify more features that will improve its business, such as replenishments, and approvals and notifications. As new Acumatica features become available with new releases, SAM upgrades to take advantage of them, with the next being version 5.0. In addition, as the company grows, SAM benefits from one of the key attributes
of the software: unlimited user licenses. This feature ensures that their business is not penalised for expanding and being successful.

As Tim Patton, SAM’s IT Director, has observed, “Acumatica has opened up so many more possibilities for the SAM business to innovate, save money, and build a world-class company for the future.”