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Acumatica UK – The Best ERP for Manufacturing

Winning as a supplier in today’s challenging global market requires more than just high-quality, well-priced products. Top managers in the manufacturing sector require visibility, end to end, throughout their operations. From this, they can enjoy faster decision making and consequently meet given objectives. For small and medium-sized manufacturers, the prevalent competitive pressures are intense. It often forces constraints on pricing, typically, in spite of rising internal costs. As a result, these factors can quickly erode any company profits and even threaten survival. In order to target cost reduction, it is necessary to eliminate the waste caused by poor communication and coordination internally and, between the company and its customers and suppliers. Manufacturers need a robust, integrated ERP solution that will help solve a number of challenges and provide valuable, inherent business benefits.

Manufacturing in ERP integrates production management, accounting, and inventory in order to ensure the timely availability of materials in production, manage the manufacturing process and track finances. This form of integrated ERP in manufacturing supports a broad range of business strategies with a suite of software designed for the modern-thinking business. Manufacturing ERP software helps to cut costs, streamline business processes and manage rapid business growth.


Key benefits of ERP for manufacturing industry:

Operational benefits. ERP systems significantly improve the level of automation, thereby eliminating unnecessary processes which in turn yields cost reduction. Manufacturing ERP enables improvement in productivity and customer service.

Strategic benefits. Modern ERP supports business alliances. Newly-acquired businesses can be more simply assimilated into a company’s standard practices. Manufacturing ERP enables worldwide expansion through the ability to manage resources globally and market penetration, especially with cost control in mind.

Managerial benefits. Well implemented, ERP systems reduce stock and increase turnover from better inventory management. Production management software improves resource usage by considering utilisation of employees based on their experience and skill level.

Infrastructure benefits. ERP systems enable companies to respond faster, more cost-effectively and provide alternatives to an internal and external change in order to increase business agility and flexibility.

Acumatica is a comprehensive cloud-based ERP system that offers a variety of tools and serves to diverse manufacturing industries, in particular:

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Electronic Machinery & Components
  • Metals
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Instruments & Related Products
  • Food & Beverage
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Cosmetics

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition (AME) is specialised software for the manufacturing industry designed and built on the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform. Acumatica’s manufacturing software integrates Finance, CRM, Distribution, and Production and provides real-time coordination of activities, either centrally or locally, and offers the following applications:

production management software

Advanced inventory. Gain real-time access to your inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Manage your distribution processes more effectively, improve customer satisfaction and maximise profit.

Bill of materials and routing. Efficient planning and management of inventory, cost, and production processes as well as attaining comprehensive revision control.

Production management. Schedule workshop production, and track material and labor costs. Supporting mixed manufacturing styles, Production Management offers the power to control entire planning and scheduling cycles with the aim of reducing job costs.

Material requirements planning. Built on decades of experience, MRP gives you a complete view of supply and demand, leveraging full multi-level planning, and goes further by allowing you to plan every requirement for each factory, production cell or team.

Product configurator. Reduce the number of bills of material for a finished part based on a variety of features, dimensions, and functions. Create configured orders in seconds, take control over revisions and otherwise unwieldy pricing with ease whilst preparing for the next generation of business decision making.

Estimating. Create estimates for new or existing items. Convert into bills of material, production orders, or other estimates. You can improve the communication, accuracy and turnaround time of manufacturing estimates, increase your flexibility, create new estimates in seconds, and take control over product revisions.

Advanced financials. Supplement Acumatica’s basic financial indicators with advanced financial capabilities, including general ledger consolidation, automatic revenue recognition, and subaccounts.

Order management. Streamline procurement processes, manage sales activities and automate order fulfillment for internal or external customers. Reduce order times, know your true costs, help customers with advanced pricing and discount functionality, and automate all processes for more savings.

Advanced planning and scheduling. Manage your shop floor schedule and work centre capacity. Set accurate and reliable delivery dates, plan for variations or seasonality, complete what-if analyses, and leverage production assets.

Advanced fulfillment. Increase customer satisfaction by reducing mistakes in order fulfillment and avoid costly returns. Efficient barcode scanning and verification of selected items eliminate the delivery error.


The experience of companies that already reap major benefits from manufacturing ERP offers valuable motivation to those looking to better manage their business. When deciding to implement manufacturing software very special attention should be paid to the choice of a solution that not only meets business requirements but returns predictable results through ease of change and flexibility. Thoughtfully implemented ERP will bring substantial payback from;- cost reduction, quality improvement, increased visibility, better resource management and heightened customer relationships management. From all these factors, integrated software will ensure a business to run more effectively, synchronise its operations around timely delivery and improve customer service.


Yaroslava Dubenska
Yaroslava Dubenska