Highlights from Acumatica Summit 2024 Day 1

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 29, 2024 Acumatica CEO John Case kicked off the company’s annual Summit event by declaring a new era of growth and opportunity for the company and its customers. He cited dramatic technological advancements, a more favourable economic and business environment and a mounting need for modern business technology.

To launch this new era, the industry-leading business solutions provider revealed its new logo, announced the expansion of its product line, and outlined the principles that will guide its approach to future innovation.

Acumatica Chief Revenue Officer, Sanket Akerkar in his keynote speech said that companies choose Acumatica because of achieving greater growth and scalability. He emphasised that due to built-in scalability, Acumatica adapts to changing workloads and business expansion and handles more invoices and more sales orders. Its growth-friendly licensing connects every employee and fosters collaboration, improves accuracy and eliminates silos. At the same time, multinational capabilities let users automate financial reporting, inventory transfers, vendor payments and intercompany transfers across multiple related entities.


Director of Operations at Telasis, Renee Shafer shared the story of how Acumatica helped the company to exceed its growth goals. She cited the positive impact of Acumatica was felt across all the company’s businesses, with data security being a key area of improvement. The company’s revenue has increased by $7 million in just three years. The easy access to live user data through dashboards and side panels has allowed the company to make faster decisions and drive growth across their businesses.  

Acumatica VP Global Support, Aliya Rakimgulova spoke about how Acumatica delivers the promise of ERP by tracking indicators of growth such as the number of API requests, number of users, and complexity of automation schedules. She pointed out that security is a top priority for Acumatica and has the highest security rating among its peers in the ERP world according to BitSight. 

During the keynote, Acumatica Chief Product Officer Ali Jani cited the impact new technological advancements will have on small and mid-sized businesses. He stressed the importance of software vendors having a principled approach to deploying these leading-edge technologies. Ali said that Acumatica plans to release its Principles of Innovation around AI, focusing on data protection, solving real-time problems, and ensuring transparency and clarity while providing value to customers.

To address the needs of Acumatica’s evolving customer base, Ali announced the upcoming launch of the Professional Services Edition, which will be publicly available later in 2024. The Professional Services Edition will be built on Acumatica’s project accounting and robust billing and scheduling capabilities, enabling businesses to better service their clients and track the entire customer engagement lifecycle within Acumatica.

The keynote highlighted growing businesses using the latest technologies and data to make strategic decisions and achieve substantial growth. One of these companies, is Acumatica’s Customer of the Year, Portacool. 

Portacool’s success story showcased the power of leveraging the latest technologies and data in business decision-making. By using Acumatica’s ERP solution, they were able to not only recover from a significant setback but also achieve substantial growth in a short period. This demonstrates the importance of staying updated with the latest technologies and utilising data-driven insights to make informed strategic decisions.

In conclusion, Case emphasised Acumatica’s sustainability efforts, a core pillar of the company’s AcumatiCares program, spotlighting businesses making remarkable strides in sustainable development. 

POLYWOOD, a company that manufactures outdoor furniture, has been recognized as the Impact Customer of the Year for their commitment to recycling and efficient resource management. 

Sean Valencourt, the executive vice president of information systems at POLYWOOD, stated that sustainability has always been a crucial aspect of their culture and brand. With the increasing demand for their products, they needed a system that would support their growth, and Acumatica’s cloud solution has played a vital role in scaling their operations and enabling their expansion.

Yaroslava Dubenska
Yaroslava Dubenska