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Built from the ground up for Acumatica, by Acumatica experts

Velixo Reports is the only reporting tool of its kind designed exclusively for Acumatica. It adds a ribbon to Excel and more than 45 functions specially designed to work wit General Ledger and Project data and leverages the unique capabilities of your cloud ERP.

Easily connect Excel to Your Acumatica Data

Connect using your Acumatica login credentials and start building Excel spreadsheets that instantly include Acumatica data. Velixo Reports adds a ribbon to Excel and more than 50 functions that are specially designed to work with general ledger and project data.

Automatically Share Reports

Automatically email, export, or share multiple versions of the same report with a single click. Report distribution is customizable so you can include different tabs or set specific parameters based who’s going to receive it. Easily output as Excel, PDF or Values. 

GL & Budget Writebacks

Create and post GL entries without leaving Excel. The content and amounts of the GL entry can be dynamic and based on Excel formulas.
Moreover, you can retrieve multiple budgets and forecasts and report them in Excel. Simply adjust the number or apply your budget model and write back the modified budget straight in Acumatica.

Consolidate Data From Multiple Sources

Multiple companies, multiple tenants, public cloud, private cloud or on-premise installations of Acumatica – Velixo Reports can consolidate your data in a single Excel spreadsheet while maintaining full history. If you can access it from your web browser, Velixo Reports can connect to it.

View Live Results While Building Reports

You’re always working with the most up-to-date data. Changes you make to formulas and cells are reflected immediately in your spreadsheet. Easily update the cell to see the P&L of another branch, or run it for a different financial period. 

Save Days of Work with Smart Refresh

No more exports or manual entries required. Velixo Reports always gives you up-to-date information. Thanks to Smart Refresh, new data is updated quickly, allowing you to refresh even the most complex report in just a few seconds.
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